Chapter Officers

Maddy Garza

officer Maddy Garza

Chapter President

Zahrah Khan

officer Zahrah Khan

VP Chapter Wellness

Caitlin Tibbetts

officer Caitlin Tibbetts

VP Academic Excellence

Brooke Bishop

officer Brooke Bishop

VP Recruitment

Claire Hoffman

officer Claire Hoffman

VP Finance

Elizabeth Pham

officer Elizabeth Pham

VP Administration

Nareen Anwar

officer Nareen Anwar

VP Member Experience

Armita Salemizadeh

officer Armita Salemizadeh

VP New Member Experience

Aya Abdelkhalek

officer Aya Abdelkhalek

VP Event Planning

Harshitha Kandru

officer Harshitha Kandru

VP Marketing

Jacqueline Massey

officer Jacqueline Massey

VP Campus Relations

Anthuanet Espinel

officer Anthuanet Espinel

VP Philanthropy

Alyssa Cuff

officer Alyssa Cuff

Director of Ritual

Sophia DeLauri

officer Sophia DeLauri

Director of Academic Enrichment

Ruhi Deshmukh

officer Ruhi Deshmukh

Director of Membership

Madison McMurray

officer Madison McMurray

Director of Communication

Aneesha Kambhampati

officer Aneesha Kambhampati

Director of Senior Experience

Emilee Wolfe

officer Emilee Wolfe

Director of New Member Programs

Rachel Nguyen

officer Rachel Nguyen

Director of Special Events

Madison Ramirez

officer Madison Ramirez

Director of Merchandising

Ella Harrigal

officer Ella Harrigal

Director of Activities & Leadership

Juntra Chanthavisay

officer Juntra Chanthavisay

Director of Community Service

Deepti Singh

officer Deepti Singh

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Grace Simpson

officer Grace Simpson

Director of Continuous Open Bidding

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